Trendsetter by conviction

The modaStyle success story began with the now managing director Ruth Bürgin starting her own business as a customer seamstress in Oberwil. With more and more customers from the hotel line of business, she got inspired to found the company modaStyle in 1998. The rooms in Stallenstrasse quickly got too small for the growing company and three years later she moved the whole business the new offices in the old Brickworks. Since then the operations are focussed on standard clothing for companies.

Starting with orders from Hotels and Restaurants, the customer base expanded more and more. Now it also includes customers from sectors such al security, health care, sales and services. In 2007 modaStyle got transformed to a stock company. As of now there are 9 motivated employees working at the company headquarters in Oberwil. There is one creed that unites the whole team, from the designer, the cutting technician, seamstress and the administrator to the manager: We create only uniforms we would gladly wear ourselves.

Since 2013 the headquarters of modaStyle AG is located on Hauptstrasse 12 in Oberwil. By moving to a more central location we also attract a growing private clientele. Our range of service has much extended to cater to their needs. Now we offer tailor made suits as well as all the products and services around the subject of clothing and textile goods.